Small Business Services

What We Offer and Why


West Texas is a place of opportunity. We want to help you realize the full extent of your business’ potential. Whether you be a farmer or you operate in a different type of industry, keeping a close eye on your business’ financial condition is a must. That is where Webb, Webb & Wright would like to help!

Payroll is a large, if not the largest, expense for almost any business. Hiring someone with experience in accounting and financial management is often much too expensive for a small business. Webb, Webb & Wright would like to offer you the expertise of an experienced accountant without dramatically increasing your payroll expense.

The benefits offered by having a comprehensive and coherent view of your business’ financial condition throughout the year is a necessity. Waiting until tax season to gauge the profitability of your business does not make sense. Consider the possibility of making real-time business decisions based on information showing current income and expense for the year as well as historical trends for your business. This is a tried-and-true business practice. It is the reason large businesses have accounting departments and experienced accountants on staff.

Webb, Webb & Wright succeeds when our clients succeed. Our Small Business Line of service is here to give you time to do what you do best by offering the type and amount of accounting help you are looking for at an attainable price while you build your business.  Contact us today, to discuss what this line of service can do for your business. 



Basic record keeping provides a strong foundation to your business.  There is no need to wait until the end of the year to review all of your bank transactions.  Provide us with your business' records throughout the year, and we will help you organize the information so that it will benefit your business when it comes time to make decisions! 

Financial Statement Preparation

Don't wait until the end of the year to see your bottom line.  If we do your bookkeeping, we can prepare financial statements on a regular basis, whether it be monthly, quarterly, or another time frame.

Payroll Services

Payroll can be complicated and time consuming.  Shift this burden over to us.